my first try – strawberry shortcake

4th of July is Independent’s Day, also is my mother-in-law’s birthday.

My husband said he wanted to get a strawberry shortcake for his mother, but his brother has allergic reaction to colloring cake.

I said I wanted to try.

I Google some recipes and videos.

Here is my first try.

First layer – cake

Second layer- strawberries

Third layer – whipped cream

Fourth layer – cake

Fifth layer – whipped cream

top – blueberries and strawberries



I like WCC

Congratulations on the scholarship! That’s great news.
I appreciate your kind comments about our classes and our teaching. That means a lot coming from a student as good as you.
I like your cubism work. Your astronaut sketches are quite good!
Professor Robinson
Paul E. Robinson
Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences
Co-Director, Center for Teaching and Scholarship
Westchester Community College
Science Building 361
75 Grasslands Road
Valhalla, NY 10595


Your project is awesome!  And congratulations again on your scholarship!


Have a great summer J Prof. Senft


I hate to say goodbye

Today every student gave a presentation of their works. They were all good. I liked a guy’s hyperrealism work. I don’t know his name because we worked so hard in the class and even we didn’t have time to talk. He sat next to me. His hyperrealism used central part as a background, a football player and a Indian person. I tried to find his workplace web link on the rightof  the Prof. Krikun’s web, but I couldn’t find it.

We learned a lot in a such short period, in a  limited time.

I couldn’t believe the class was over. The Digital Imaging class was over. The Summer Session 1 was over.

I wanted to hug Prof. Krikun and  say goodbye, But I didn’t have a chance and I hated to say goodbye.

I started my car, turned onto 287 West.

I was little bit sad.  I turned on my CD player.

It was John Denver’s voice.

” All my bags are packed, I am ready to go

I am standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say goodbye




I’m leaving on a jet plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again

Oh babe, I hate to go……….”



my case study

I finished my case study paper on Sunday. I chose the hyperrealism project to be the study case because this was the theme of all projects. The challenges, the strategies, the results were all came from my study experience and my deep feeling. I showed my husband the case study paper. He said he liked it, especially the challenge part because that is truth and he understood how I overcame these challenges. He said, “Amy, don’t worry about grade. You tried your best.” I was glad that whenever I was in the depression or good time, he always encouraged me. ( PS. My husband got his Master degree at Columbia University and Doctor degree at Fordham University).

After I finished my case study paper and uploaded to my wordpress page, I sent emails with my wordpress web link to my previous classes instructors, Prof. Robinson and Prof. Senft who are my Astronomy and The Solar System instructors.

Here is my email:

Hi Dear Prof. Robinson and Prof. Senft:
I am Amy. Thank Prof. Robinson recomended me to the honor class. I got invitation from them. However, I cannot attend because I am graduating this summer and transfering to Pace University Lubin School of Business Pleasantville campus. I won merit based full tuition trasnfer scholarship which worth $38,200 a year 🙂
I am writing this letter just want to let you know I like astronomy, and I like you both. I am taking summer class call ” Digital Imaging.” to fullfill the Humanities course requirement.  I have to learn to use Photoshop to finish three design project –  hyperrealism, cubism and collage( motion graphics). Every student has to choose an none profit organization and come up with a concept. I chose NASA. My instructor Prof. Krikun is great. I am very interesting in imaging design now.
Here is my work link. I hope you will open and see How I put those astronauts in a cubism style.
Please check the topic on the left to see my NASA image design.
I like you and I am glad I chose your classes last semester. You are the best two science instructors.
Have a great summer.

I made them flying around

I was so exciting that I finished my collage project. I made the astronauts and space station flying around with NASA logo. By that time I started to understand why so many people crazy for design.

When I was leaving the classroom, I told Prof. Krikun that I wanted to gether all of my husband’s golfing pictures and make a nice video. However, when I got home, I found that the old vision Photoshop in my computer didn’t have this function. 😦

I am working on my case study now and I hope I can finish it today.


The cubism work is almost done, I cannot believe it

BN-AA690_1018ho_M_20131017132139I love this work.
I had no idea what should I do and how I could I work for my cubism project after I collected 6 astronauts. I put them on the same background. Then I brought them to the class on Tuesday.
Prof. Krikun introduced some methods how to use lasso tool to get the parts we want and use gradient tool to change the colors. I listened and watched very carefully. Gradient tool is amazing. However, when I turned back to my computer, I have no clue how I could start it.
“Professor, I need help.” I am the student always needs the teacher’s special direction.
“I will be right with you, Amy.” Prof. Krikun is always very patient to students.
A moment later, she sat next to me. She taught me to put all the images together into Photoshop include the one cubism work from David Hockney which is my inspiration.
She taught me how to use marquee tool to obtain rectangle and use the gradient tool to make solid rectangle.
When the class over, my cubism work almost down.
“Amy, yours looks good, almost done. You can move on to collage.”Prof. Krikun was happy for me.
I was happy too. I couldn’t believe I almost finished the cubism work.
However, I am still not very satisfying for one of the position of astronauts, but I can not open the file on my computer because the file is too big. I want to try to change this astronaut tomorrow when I am in the class.

Saturday Accounting officers’ party in CT

My mentor Prof. Christesen, Accounting curriculum chair of WCC, lives in Connecticut. Saturday 6/14, she held a party inviting all of Accounting club and student leadership officers and their family and WCC Accounting Department Chair person Prof. Marino, which is one of my favorite instructor.
All of guests were required to bring the foods which represent their culture of their original countries.
I brought home made Chinese dumplings. I had never realized the dumplings were so popular that they were gone so quickly that those lately comers even didn’t have chance to see them.
Pat’s Sicilian wife brought two trays of homemade tiramisu. Diana brought her mother made Arabian food Biryani rice and Kahi dessert. Spanish girl Sandra made flan. Jamaican boy Delroy brought Jerk chicken. Some officers brought some food I even didn’t know the name. My mentor made pasta, meatballs and eggplant pam. Korean girl Kun brought the giant size Korean pear.
And more…
After over one hour drove home, I was so tired but I couldn’t fall in sleep. It was 10:30 pm, I started to work on my cubism design. I cleaned up 7 astronauts’ edges. Sour eyes was killing me. I went to my bath room and jump into my big massage bathtub. Few minutes later, my muscle relax, I went to the bed.

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